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Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Jewelry Trends and Combinations

Janice Bay always provides GREAT fashion information you can use in your home shows! This month she shared 5 of the Top 10 2010 Trends; during May's training Janice will talk about the others.

Compiled by Gayle Foster and Kathy Crabtree

2010 promises to be a season of BOLD runway looks and VIBRANT color picks. In other words, jewelry that makes a statement!

all three words can be used to describe the season’s offerings.

In addition look for copper threads, shiny stones and soft metallic shades in the clothes. “The influence of metallics and precious stones in fashion will have a multifaceted role on accessories.”

The one-shoulder dress will lend itself to big earrings and big cuffs. In order for jewelry to stand out, it has to be dynamic. Helena Krodel says, “What I see on the silky jumpers are these big necklaces. There will be lots of statement jewelry.”

“Accessories will be bright and mirrored to contrast the dark hues of apparel. In jewelry, colors will need to complement apparel by using subtle color differences and see-through color effects.”

People are wanting one of a kind jewelry with a nostalgic flavor. Jewelry is looking like it’s aged. There will be a surge of blackening and oxidizing of silver.

Silver is a trend in and of itself. It hasn’t even peaked yet. It’s still on the climb up.

Whether old or new, color is a big part of creating that one-of-a-kind look. The first thing that grabs someone’s attention is color. Pantone, the ultimate authority in color, presents a contrasting array of complex hues. “Vibrant brights add a sense of excitement to the color palette, while practical neutrals provide a safety net for cautious customers.”

Standout color picks include:
- RICH BLUES (such as tropical Turquoise and seaside Blue)
- WARM PURPLES (like romantic Violet)
- DEEP REDS (including an energetic Fusion Coral and tangy Tomato Puree)
- SOFT NEUTRALS (like rosy tan and warm beige). Thoughtful, cautious neutrals provide a dependable backbone to the brights of spring.

With the neutrals it is a “less is more” palette with lots of winter whites, caramels, creams, softened browns, and warm grays. These are the “new neutrals” which are basically beiges and grays with a bit of prettiness.

On top of these neutrals, color is able to provide the “wow” factor. Because of the economy people will still be buying jewelry, but will search for pieces that are multi-use and multi-purpose complimenting what they already own.

Trend 1: “Shine over Substance”

Because of a financially unstable 2009 jewelry has taken on the look of more sparkle, but fewer stones.

The emphasis on soft neutrals and muted metallics in Spring 2010 makes this backing off from bling a necessity. Flamboyance and excessive opulence will give way to quiet, discreet beauty.

There will be stones but they will be strategically placed with subtle gem accents and shapes that create the illusion of more gems. However in the high fashion world we may not have to be that frugal!

Example from Premier Line: Starfish

- You must try this on
- It has a notice me look without trying too hard

Notes for Jeweler:
- Perfect for the bus stop in the morning
- Think of the average customer- it will appeal to them

- Layer with Bellissimo
- Layer with Los Colinas
- Frame with Fashion Sense

Trend 2: “Unique Materials”

Today’s styles are about being unique, they are about the ultimate statement of self. Nothing reflects that more then the multitude of different semiprecious gems, minerals and natural elements being combined in a single piece. Pieces once rejected for their unconventional appearance are now being praised for the same.

Jewelry will be over-sized with geometric structures that should intentionally stand out and be noticed.

After a recession, everyone starts getting creative because we have to make something out of nothing. So be on the lookout for unusual shapes and pieces that transform into multiple looks.

Example from Premier Line: Studio

- This is a great signature piece
- This piece is very artsy
- Studio is very high end
- You can soften it’s boldness by wearing it with a white collared shirt

Notes for Jeweler:
- People will love it or hate it

- Layer it with Three of a Kind doubled
- Frame it with Three of a Kind
- Frame it with Elemental and Three of a Kind

Trend 3: “Purple Passions”

Lavender is new, soft and evokes femininity and grace. It looks amazing paired with black and is totally wearable. It fits perfectly into today’s trend of contrasting colors. As a result, designers are going for a wide range of these hues. This is a must have color that packs quite a punch.

Different shades of eggplant create positive feelings. There is nothing like a vibrant hue of Royal Purple to make us feel optimistic and hopeful for the future.

Example from the Premier Line: Rhapsody

- Rhapsody is one of those great long necklaces that makes you look thinner
- This makes a great belt

- Use it to frame Raspberry
- Layer with Purple Passion or Love me Tender
- Wear it as a belt

Example from the Premier Line: Lavender Rose

- The beautiful colors of this necklace will make people stop and take notice

- Add the Catalina pendant
- Layer with Catalina

Trend 4: “Lady in Reds”

Customers today crave special and unique with color setting the mood.

Red symbolized passion, romance, strength and beauty. This bold color is the ultimate accent and the quintessential pop color that works really well with all neutrals.

Example from the Premier Line: Firecracker

- We all have those black and white outfits. Use this piece to update your look and give WOW and spice.
- This necklace is a mix of beads and genuine coral
- The red is a ‘blue red’ so it should look good on all skin tones

- Layer with Distinctive, Covenant, Night Life (without pendant), Lauren, Silhouette, Bellissimo, Hearts Desire
- Add Night Life pendant or Cabo pendant.
- Add Sundial over clasp and wear to the side
- Open the necklace to wear long to layer with Runway or Keepsake (doubled) necklaces.

Trend 5: “Silver”

Until now silver had not been synonymous with fine jewelry. The past year’s combination of pinched economics & metallic apparel, however, significantly changed the game. The silver stigma is gone.

Whether muted or mirrored, silver is making a huge comeback in handbags, shoes, belts and jewelry. There will be a spike in “shine coating” as well as a “mixing of shiny and matte.”

Example from Premier Line: Distinctive

- Get a good, big necklace - and this one is perfect
- This is the big necklace to wear out and get noticed
- This is high end and gorgeous

- Layer with Firecracker necklace
- Layer with Catalina and move the pendant from Catalina to the bottom ring of Distinctive.

Example from Premier Line: Runway

- This necklace does what it’s name implies… You’ll feel runway chic!

- Layer with Serenity
- Layer with Firecracker by opening it & pulling one strand back

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tip of the Month

Tanya Stainbrook provided us with a couple Tips of the Month

Tip 1: First, if you are not using a Guest Survey, start now (you can find surveys on Premier’s web site and many others from the Links section). You rarely have the opportunity to spend quality time with each customer and a Guest Survey allows you to catch some of the guests who mark they would maybe have their own Home Show later. Without a survey you are unlikely to know about these future Hostesses.

Tanya does not enjoy making follow-up phone calls (just like many of us) so she mails her maybe laters a packet of information. In the packet she includes a letter, hostess benefit sheet and a mini catalog. She has been averaging 1 or 2 bookings with every 30 she has sent out; she is also getting additional bookings from those Home Shows.

Tip 2: If you do not use the Hood N House program for your jewelry business, there is a formula you can use to make sure each Home Show Hostess is getting the most bang for her buck. The formula allows you to figure out which items the Hostess should purchase at half-price in order to get the most of her home show benefits. Click here to get a copy of the Hostess Benefits Worksheet; you can even use it as your Hostess’ Wish List.

Home Hostess Coaching

Jenny Rouse talked about how important it is to build a relationship with each Home Show Hostess. The better relationship you have with the Hostess the more likely she is to talk about you and Premier Designs with her friends and family. She is also likely to become a repeat Hostess.

If you cannot do a coaching in the Hostess’ home, meet her somewhere; at her place of work, on lunch break, in the parking lot of a grocery store, as long as it is in person. Sometimes you may have to do it on the phone, but it really is beneficial to do the Home Show Coaching in the Hostess’ home. Be sure to schedule the Hostess Coaching at the time you are booking the Home Show and have it a month before her show.

Jenny has recently been using the 10-5-2 Hostess Challenge to help her keep in contact with all of her Hostess’; it is a great excuse to make some follow-up calls over a span of a few weeks. For the 10-5-2 the Hostess needs to have 10 adult guests at her home show, at least 5 pre-orders, and the name and phone number of 2 friends or family who want to have their own Home Show in the next 3-6 months (must have the info to you before her scheduled show). The Challenge goes along with the Hostess Bonuses offered by Premier and adds special gifts offered by you; like a tennis bracelet, scarf, and limited piece of jewelry or anything that you would choose. Click here for a copy of the 10-5-2 Hostess Challenge.


Irma Robertson talked about Sponsoring for our April Training. She read us the 6 Simply Superb Secrets of Sponsoring from the Draper’s Monthly Newsletter. Learn how to Sponsor with your Head, Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Attitude and Heart; click here to read the full article on Page 2 of the Draper Paper

Big Money is a great Sponsoring Activity to use during your Home Shows. A copy of the script can be found in the Jeweler Handbook or by clicking here. Irma also uses a version where the jeweler only has one home show instead of two per week; working about 15 hours in 3 days making over $600 in one month. That sounds like a dream part-time job to me!

Irma recommends listening to the Sponsoring talk by Eris Scott. You can call 218-339-4399, the code is 284528#.

Tanya reminds us all to stay positive and show enthusiasm and others will see it and be interested in hearing about Premier.

Monthly Recognition

Most Home Shows in March...
Michelle Estes with 9 shows!

Top Retailer in March...
Michelle Estes with $4,094!

Top Sponsor in March... 
Julie Nottingham sponsored 2 Jewelers!

New Jewelers
  • Michelle Estes had her Training Show on Feb 10th and has completed 9 shows for her Quick Start! Tammy Tetrick is her sponsor.
  • Valorie Ison's Training Show was in October, Irma Robertson is her sponsor.
  • Emily Herrington just had a Training Show on April 10th, Dawnelle is her sponsor. 

Congratulations to all Jewelry Ladies who have recently accomplished a personal goal, large or small!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Testimonial by Jenny Rouse

Jenny Rouse has been in Premier for 14 months. She gave a great testimonial during tonight's monthly training and had nearly everyone teary eyed by the end of her story. Jenny has been kind enough to let us share her story on this blog.

"I came into Premier in February of 2009. One week after my sons 1st Birthday. Before joining Premier I was a corporate accountant for a Property Management Company in Indianapolis…and I was miserable. I went to school for 5 years, had a Master degree in accounting, and was destined to climb the corporate ladder (at least that is what everyone expected of me). But only a few rungs up I realized that in order to climb further I had to do a lot of things that compromised my values and beliefs.

Let’s back up to my very first day in my first job out of college. I went to lunch with the managing partner of the firm and he told me that there are three things in a person’s life…faith, family, and their career, and that no one thing should be above the other. In my head I was thinking “what have I gotten myself into?” Never will my career be as important as my God and my family.

For 5 years I did what was expected of me, and I worked toward obtaining prestige and all those material possessions that so many people equate to success. And I was miserable. Once my son, Jacob, came into our lives I was constantly wracked with guilt over how much time I spent away from him each day; so much so that I never went out with friends anymore or even on dates with my husband. I spent 12 hours a day, 5 days a week away from my son. Even counting weekends the daycare workers spent more waking hours with my son than I did.

When my girlfriend invited me to her jewelry party, I said no. I have to stay home with my son. At this point Jacob was about 8 months old and I had never gone out without him and my girlfriends were dead set on getting me out of the house. Even my husband was practically shoving me out the door...or maybe that was God’s hand giving me a gentle nudge. At that jewelry party this fabulously fun and charismatic lady named Natalie gave me a packet of information about the Premier Opportunity. And when I saw that Stay at Home Mom pamphlet it clicked for me that that was my true calling. I was put on this earth to love and care for my family and Premier was going to be my tool to get there.

Over the next year I firmly planted one foot in Premier and one foot in the Corporate World. And then I started to lean a little bit more back into my Corporate world because I was afraid of letting go of the security, but even more so...I was afraid of what people would think. I was a failure because I was not working in the field I had gone to school for. When I told my family that I was thinking of quitting Premier they said, good.

Then I came across this quote, “We spend our lives creating who we are, reaching to be the best self we can imagine. Our children don’t end that mission; they recharge it and help us redefine it.” That is what Premier has done for me. It has helped me redefine my mission. Faith and Family have always come first in my heart and now Premier has let them come first in my LIFE! I am quitting my job to stay home with my 2 year old baby boy and to care for my family and that would not be possible without Premier.

Now I measure success by happiness and based on that measurement I am an extremely successful woman."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Leadership Meeting

We had a great meeting tonight! We have 10 wonderful jewelry ladies working together to help and encourage others to do well in their own Premier Designs business. A lot of great ideas came out of our first meeting and I am excited to watch our family's training activities grow.

We hope you visit our blog site often; we will be posting information from our monthly training events.

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