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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tip of the Month

Tanya Stainbrook provided us with a couple Tips of the Month

Tip 1: First, if you are not using a Guest Survey, start now (you can find surveys on Premier’s web site and many others from the Links section). You rarely have the opportunity to spend quality time with each customer and a Guest Survey allows you to catch some of the guests who mark they would maybe have their own Home Show later. Without a survey you are unlikely to know about these future Hostesses.

Tanya does not enjoy making follow-up phone calls (just like many of us) so she mails her maybe laters a packet of information. In the packet she includes a letter, hostess benefit sheet and a mini catalog. She has been averaging 1 or 2 bookings with every 30 she has sent out; she is also getting additional bookings from those Home Shows.

Tip 2: If you do not use the Hood N House program for your jewelry business, there is a formula you can use to make sure each Home Show Hostess is getting the most bang for her buck. The formula allows you to figure out which items the Hostess should purchase at half-price in order to get the most of her home show benefits. Click here to get a copy of the Hostess Benefits Worksheet; you can even use it as your Hostess’ Wish List.

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